Hello! This site is currently under construction. I'm in the process of desinging and developing a new site in public so you can watch along! Enjoy!

My name is Rusty Meadows and I wear many hats!

Currently living in beautiful Los Angeles

I am a Generalized Specialist with a deep skillset in digital strategy + development who also has a range of experience across marketing, product development, sourcing, and operations. I work with brands in various strategic and impactful roles to help build exceptional customer expereiences + products that people love.

Digital Strategist

The “hat” that I most often wear is that of Digital Strategist. In this area I have over 10 years of experience with an amazing group of clients. I work with teams big and small to help concept, shape, and implement amazing customer expereiences. Over the past 10 years, I’ve helped both as a consultant as well as in-house and am comfortable in both scenarios. Most recently, I’ve been working with the team at Sugar Paper to help shape thier ecommerce analytics and development roadmap.

Front-End Web Developer

In addition to working with brands on ecommerce strategy, I am also a Front-End Web Developer that specializes in building ecommerce site and expereiences. I work on development projects of all scale, everything from full, turn-key ecommerce sites to tweaking existing Shopify/Wordpress themes. I’m a big believer in technical solutions that reduce complexity and bring joy to both the customer and the operator. I have a sweet spot for HTML/CSS, Ruby, and Shopify’s Liquid but have used various stacks throughout the years and am always playing with new tools! Recently I have been updating a fully-custom wedding planning app that I built for the lovely folks at Downey Street Events.

Manufacturing/Sourcing Consultant

I just so happen to also be that person who folks turn to when they need help sourcing products, packaging, marketing materials, brand merchandise, and more! I was lucky enough to serve as Lumi's first Head of Product where I developed and implemented product sourcing, merchandising, and logistics for hundreds of customized packaging products. I also developed and sourced all of the packaging during my years at Tattly which included our tattoo products, product packaging, marketing/shipping materials - all on a shoe-string boot-strapped budget. Most recently, during my time at The Guild, I oversaw the planning, budgeting, design, and sourcing of our robust suite of branded packaging materials used in our SOHO retail store, restuarant, and online store.

Conference Organizer

I was very lucky to work early in my career on some amazing events as a Conference Organizer. I worked on all things community and events for a few years of The Feast and also helped execute Skillshare's first conference. After diving into the world of consumer goods and ecommerce, I founded a new conference and build a community around brand-forward product makers called Nearly Impossible. This meant managing the sales, marketing, venues, vendors, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and partners for 3 large conferences in NYC and SF. My partner and I are actually working on something brand new for Nearly Impossible this year! Stay tuned!

Want to Work Together?

If your brand needs help with any of the above, I’d love to chat more about how I can help.
I am curently accepting new freelance projects + full-time opportunities.
The best way to reach me is via email, I aim to reply very quickly!

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